5 Tips on How to Join the Working World of IoT

The world is becoming smarter and increasingly connected—the Internet of Things is transforming all aspects of life—and as a result, more people are looking to enter and advance in this exciting industry. But we are all too aware that IoT and technology is a fast-paced industry, with industry shifts occurring on a daily basis. With that in mind, we’ve collated a few key tips that are here to help guide you as you progress along the industry.

  1. Be prepared as well as willing to upskill

The IoT Industry is forecast an industry growth of $25 billion by 2025, to cater to this growth, IoT companies need a future-ready workforce – engaging in both upskilling and reskilling efforts enables both the company and employees to remain ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

But upskilling shouldn’t just be thought of in the context of a corporation – being adaptive and aware of how you can upskill in certain areas and actioning those skills not only opens you up to uncovering passions for new things but develops you both on a career and personal level.

So how can you upskill?

When it comes to upskilling, there are multiple avenues you can take. First, think about what it is you want to upskill – Is it in communication? On a particular tool? Or an industry-specific skill to progress you in your current role? What is your employer looking for? – the list can be endless. But, having particular goals set and identifying knowledge gaps on a regular basis enables you to always progress skills and never stop learning.

  1. Be forward-thinking as tech constantly changes

IoT and technology are constantly evolving every day, and with that new opportunities and challenges surface.  Forward-thinking permits you to be up to date with the industry and consider the potential challenges and opportunities that may arise in the near and distant future.

So how can you look to demonstrate forward-thinking?

  • Have a plan: Take a look at the sector of the industry you are in and implement the required actions that will let you stay focused on the opportunities and move past potential roadblocks.
  • Utilise and build your network: Building a strong network of like-minded connections and sources will open up opportunities to learn new perspectives, changes and also a place for support.
  • Select and pay attention to your newsfeed: This allows you to acquire knowledge and stay in alignment with industry changes.
  • Know your business’s vision: Having an idea of your business’s mission and ultimate plans ensures strategic alignment to the company’s wider purpose.
  1. Don’t assume but be ready to learn something new

This ties into forward-thinking- It is easy to assume we know everything we need to know- about ourselves, others and particular circumstances.

Because IoT and technology are such rapidly changing industries – with new skills and knowledge emerging on a daily basis to facilitate industry shifts and advancement – it is critical to be prepared to learn new skills and viewpoints.

To stay one step ahead, always be willing to keep up to date with industry news to acquire real-time knowledge and make more informed and effective decisions. Additionally, immersing yourself within your company and network will open you up to learning new perspectives to ultimately extend your knowledge in new areas.

  1. Work on your Business Acumen

In every role, you will notice there are a variety of skill requirements and responsibilities – but how can you extend those skills to understand how to effectively contribute to the goals of your company and the wider industry?

Business Acumen is more than just working to your responsibilities with an organisation – 90% of employees have the skills for their role, but don’t understand important business measures – it is combing both the skills you have already, with the relevant knowledge and ability to be able to reach wider company goals.  Building your business acumen lets you make the right strategic bets and deliver key and measurable results for your company.


What is it that drives the profitability of your company? What system of measurement and results are of greatest priority for your company leaders? What defines your team’s success? What priorities do you need to focus on to deliver the results?

In essence, being business acumen savvy enables an unrivalled understanding of your business and knowledge on how to get things done and why.

  1. Be willing to interact and communicate (like the IoT device you may be working on.)

We all know the saying communication is key, and of course, we know there is no stronger communication than an IoT device to send and receive info.

So, it is no surprise that being able to communicate effectively is perhaps the most highly regarded attribute in all aspects of life- including the IoT Industry. Effective communication builds positive strong relationships in both the workplace and personal life.

Whether you’re working within a team, independently or with management etc. having clear communication and interaction enables you to share your ideas, collaborate with others and maintain productivity to progress as a professional and an individual.

So, what’s next?

These are just some of the key tips to keep in mind when navigating the working world of IoT. For additional advice in kickstarting or progressing your career within the IoT Industry contact